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BHPH United is comprised of its 7 Founding Members and its Dealer Advisory Board. The Founding Members are vendors who cover various key aspects of the Buy Here Pay Here industry, and the Dealer Advisory Board is comprised of dealers of different sizes and from different states. More information on the Founding Members and Dealer Advisory Board can be found below.

Founding Partners

Berkshire Risk Services

Berkshire Risk Services is a specialty insurance services firm. We design and administer insurance monitoring and collateral protection insurance solutions for the BHPH and subprime auto finance market. Used together, these programs are powerful tools for minimizing the risk of uninsured physical damage losses that can steal away hard-earned profits.

Formed in 2007, BRS is a Managing General Agency, a technical designation that allows us operational control over our insurance business. For our clients this means that, with a few necessary exceptions, we do all the work of running our insurance programs from our office in Overland Park, KS. We are accountable to our clients for every aspect of what we do. It makes us better.

Berkshire Risk Services is licensed nationally.

Buckeye Dealership Consulting

Buckeye Dealership Consulting is a diverse company specializing in re-insurable products for today’s auto dealers. We work with clients to provide products such as Limited Warranties, Vehicle Service Contracts, CPI, GAP, as well as other F&I products. By working with Buckeye Dealership Consulting, we can help set up profitable programs that will also allow better risk management and capital growth. Buckeye Dealership Consulting has proudly served hundreds of dealers and reinsurance companies in the automotive space, including Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH), retail, and independent finance companies all across the country. Our dealership reinsurance company is built on experience, knowledge, and the ability to meet your every need. We offer extensive experience and focus on independent dealers so we can tailor our program to helping dealers control their risk, improve cash flow, and increase the bottom line.

Buckeye Dealership Consulting has recently expanded its consulting services with the creation of its Dealer Performance Groups (DPGs). These are small groups of dealers, all of whom are Buckeye clients, who meet to share best ideas, practices, and successful strategies to improve their business operations. No one wants to share those with a direct competitor, but non-competing dealers have been using this collaborative model for decades with tremendous success.

Ignite Consulting Partners

Ignite Consulting Partners provides compliance, operational and best practices guidance to car dealers, finance companies and other industry participants across the country. Ignite’s team is made up of auto finance professionals with broad and diverse backgrounds, which allows them to develop successful strategies, overcome internal obstacles and implement meaningful change. It's services include deal jacket reviews, training of personnel, risk assessments, audits, and creation of policies, procedures and other operational controls.

Ituran USA

ITURAN (NASDAQ: ITRN) has been the global leader in wired and wireless vehicle GPS tracking since 1995. Known worldwide for its stability, reliability, experience & superior customer service, Ituran is currently serving almost 2 million customers globally and numerous mission critical military operations. Ituran’s proprietary GPS GSM LTE (4G) technology provides customers with 24/7/365 live US based Customer Service & assistance for service, emergency & technical support.

Ownership of the hardware & software manufacturing and development allows Ituran to provide a superior solution, which offers top quality GPS devices with internal backup battery and the highest reliability rate in the industry (99.98%). Unique and BHPH specific features such as Accident Alert, Mileage Tracking, Parking Behavior Report, Tampered Report, Dashboards and many more, adds up to the highest ROI in the GPS tracking solutions industry.

Active partnership with top DMS companies offers customers the ability to manage the GPS operation directly from their DMS and automate the GPS & payment reminder operation leading to higher collection efficiency, increased compliance, and improved cash-flow.


PrimaLend Capital Partners is based in Dallas, Texas and since 2007 we’ve been providing capital and guidance to BHPH dealers across the country. PrimaLend’s product offerings spark portfolio growth and our guidance helps dealers reach their full potential.

Tax Max

Founded in 1995 by William J. Neylan III, Tax Max is the leading provider of income tax preparation for car dealership customers in the United States. Based in Tampa, FL, Tax Max has a portfolio of over 3,000 car dealerships nationwide. Tax Max allows dealers first access to their customers' tax refunds to use towards a down payment or to collect on a past due balance. In most cases, customers can receive up to $6,000 within hours. Dealers have access to our Traditional Tax Max Program, our 4th Quarter Program, Collections Program, Repairs Program and our newest Irregular Payment Program, which allows dealers to estimate their customers' anticipated refund to be used as a regularly scheduled payment in the contract all 365 days of the year. Tax Max has experienced a high growth rate by emphasizing a high degree of customer service and by insisting on customer satisfaction. Tax Max prides itself on making the customer number one. Tax Max recognizes that without their customers, they would not be in business.

Big Time Advertising & Marketing

Big Time Advertising & Marketing is a full-service advertising agency serving the U.S. automotive retail marketplace with Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Traditional Advertising, and Automotive Sales and Managerial Consulting. The agency defines success by improvements in client repeat and referral business, and organic lead generation with high conversion rates.

The BHPH United Dealer Advisory Board

No one knows what Buy Here Pay Here dealers need and want to learn better than actual Buy Here Pay Here dealers. So, in order to accomplish BHPH United’s goal of growing the industry through education to Buy Here Pay Here dealers, BHPH United has created a Dealer Advisory Board to better center Buy Here Pay Here dealers in all that we do. The Dealer Advisory Board will have 7 members of varying sizes and from various locations across the country in order to capture the wide array of opinions and needs present in the Buy Here Pay Here industry.

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